1. Yoga Flow: Core Tone & Energy

    (3 minutes) Ignite your power center with this Eagle variation. Take your Eagle posture onto your back and draw your toes and fingers away as you inhale and then hug your body in on your exhale. Draw your low belly in, tack your navel towards your spine, and knit your ribs together. Be mindful to start the movement from your deep core, and resist the urge to use momentum. If there is any strain in your low back, please make the movement smaller and more fine tuned. (Video by Farid Zarrinabadi)

  2. Yoga Flow: Seated Flow

    (8 minutes) Enjoy a balancing seated flow that incorporates forward folds and heart openers. Helps to bring ease to the backs of your legs, brightness to your heart, and a delightful opportunity to open your hips. Incorporate a strap for the forward folds and invite a blanket under the sits bones for modification options. (Video by Farid Zarrinabadi)

  3. Yoga Flow: Seated Hip Opening

    (16 minutes) Breathe deep and encourage opening in your hips, legs, and sides of your body. Send compassion and patience into your body, heart, and mind as you meet each moment. Check in with the smoothness of your jaw and face muscles, maybe even lifting the corners of your mouth into a smile. (Video by Farid Zarrinabadi)

  4. Yoga Flow: Standing Postures

    (48 minutes) Allow Tadasanda (Mountain Pose) to be your home base as you enjoy connection and alignment in this grounding flow. (Video by Farid Zarrinabadi)

  5. Yoga Flow: Tabletop Warm Up

    (3 minutes) Connect with your body and breath as you move through this simple table top warm up. (Video by Farid Zarrinabadi)

  6. Yoga Flow: Twisting

    (28 minutes) Invite creativity, movement, and circulation with this twisting flow. Practice with a block to bring more ease to your twists and legs or practice without a block for a bit more intensity. (Video by Farid Zarrinabadi)

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