1. May 2019 Newsletter

    Happy May newsletter & Happy Mother's Day! I am excited to share performances, events, classes, and exciting news with you this month! Get out your calendars and let's make a date!



    Commissioned by PRELUDE PROJECTS, Receptre will be performed in a scene by artists Grace Villamil + Maximilian Rödel, within the exhibition It Started with a Spark. Villamil has composed an original score for both dance + place, which she will perform live. Choreographed by Michelle Thompson Ulerich, and danced by Marissa Frey + Isabelle Seiler, Receptre will be performed on three occasions.

    All performances start promptly at 7:30PM + run 15 minutes. The final performance will close the exhibition.


    Photo by Jackson Krule from the NACHMO Gala

    Return's Siren Song is coming back on May 18th at the Arts on Site Performance Party with live music by Ryan Wolfe. This event is donation based and lots of fun. I met Ryan at this event back in November while I was performing another piece and he was also working with another choreographer. During our pre-show wait time, we exchanged information and decided we should try to collaborate. Flash forward 5 months and Return's Siren Song has been performed 4 different times in 4 different venues and I am very excited to come full circle back to Arts on Site. Also, super sweet to have Quaba and Kar'mel dancing together one last time. They are graduating next week from Purchase College and I have enjoyed every moment with them! Come check it out!

    The Performance Party is a monthly event that provides artists with a platform to share their work and encourages collaboration among a community of art enthusiasts. The event features a selection of eight performing artists from music, dance, theater, and the healing arts. The event also includes visual art with free prints from a select visual artist. Admission is a $10 suggested donation and event is BYOB with a donation bar serving beer.

    It was such a treat to see my choreography performed at The Ailey Citigroup Theater in New York last month alongside my collaborator/composer, David Heckendorn. Did you miss it? Are you interested in heading to Hartford, CT? Ballet Hartford will be performing my work, Inner Chamber, at University of St. Joseph in West Hartford, CT on May 18th and 19th. Tickets are available.

    It was such a dream to collaborate with visual artist Justine Hill for CountePointe, reviewed here. Thank you Andy Zhao and Catherine Gurr for your dancing, Colin Rose for your music, Erica Johnston for your help with the costumes, and Norte Maar for the opportunity and curation of the show.

    Photo by Ballet Zaida

    Last but not least, I am teaching Ballet on Monday May 20th from 10am-11:30am at Battery Dance. Follow NYC Community Ballet to stay up to date on $5 classes!

  2. April 2019 Newsletter

    Courtesy of Anne Marie Bloodgood

    Happy April newsletter! There are lots of fun and exciting events this month including CounterPointe, XAOC Contemporary Ballet, Ballet Hartford, NACHMO Gala, and The Hart School. I am performing, teaching, and showing my choreography in Manhattan, Brooklyn, and Connecticut. I am teaching open ballet class at Ballet Arts tomorrow Saturday April 6th and Saturday April 13th at 11:30am. I am also teaching for NYC Community Ballet on Tuesday April 9th at 10:30am at Battery Dance. I hope to see you in class soon!

    Photo by Noel Valero (http://noelvalero.zenfolio.com/)

    I am excited to perform with XAOC Contemporary Ballet this Sunday April 7th at the City Center Studios. Buy your tickets for Choreography Up Close Volume II before they sell out! I will be performing in Six Memos, one of the seven works on the program by Eryn Renee Young. This piece continues to reveal more an more to me, and I am looking forward to sharing my discoveries with you on Sunday.

    Photo by Jackson Krule

    I am thrilled to announce that my choreography, Return's Siren Song, won the audience vote at the NACHMO Theater Performances and has been selected to be presented again! Get your tickets for the NACHMO Gala on April 13th at 8pm at The Tank. I am thrilled to have Ryan Wolfe performing his music with us again!

    Get your tickets for CounterPointe on April 26th-28th curated by Norte Maar! CounterPointe pairs a female choreographer who makes work on pointe with a female visual artist to generate a performance piece. It has been a pleasure to collaborate with visual artist Justine Hill. I am also happy to announce that Colin Rose has created the musical score for this piece. These performances will take place in Brooklyn at The Actors Fund Arts Center.

    Photos by Michelle Thompson Ulerich

    Ballet Hartford is coming to New York Sunday April 14th to perform choreography by Silas Farley, Stephen Pier, Elizabeth McMillan, and myself. Get your tickets to see my them perform my choreography, Inner Chamber, at the Ailey Citigroup Theater. I was so grateful to collaborate with David Heckendorn on the music for this piece, and I am trilled to share this evening with him and the company!

    I am delighted to go back to Hartford to see my incredible cast of Migration in the final stages of lighting, coaching, costumes, and finishing touches. This choreographic residency was a rich and an emotional process with many discoveries and articulations of what it means for humans to migrate. I have been impressed and inspired by the dancers' desires to go deeper. Get your tickets for Hartt Dances Spring 2019 April 26th-28th.

    I enjoyed my time in Nashville at the beginning of April where I had the pleasure to teach ballet, pointe, and contemporary to the students of Nashville Classical Ballet Academy. A huge congratulations to Aaron Orza and Kristin Lindsay for creating this school and for providing such great training for these students. I grew up dancing with Aaron at The San Francisco Ballet School, and it's exciting to see the wisdom given to us by our teachers reach these students in such a profound way.

  3. March 2019 Newsletter

    Photo by Rhys Ulerich

    Happy March newsletter! I am thrilled to be performing with Spark Movement Collective tomorrow March 2nd at The Town School. Get your tickets for this New York Spin on Alice in Wonderland here! Also, the production was mentioned in the New York Times as one of the top things to do in New York with your kids this weekend! Read about it here! Spark will be celebrating 10 years soon and I am so grateful for my time with them since 2017. For more info about Spark Movement Collective, upcoming shows, and ways to support go here!

    Photos by Noel Valero
    Photo by Michelle Thompson Ulerich

    I am excited to be performing with XAOC Contemporary Ballet on April 7th at the City Center Studios. Get your tickets here!

    Photo by Sam Aslanian

    My normal teaching schedule is at Purchase College, but I sometimes sub around NYC! Join me on March 20th, 22nd, 27th, and 29th at 10am at Ballet Arts for Ballet Class. Also join me March 26th at Noon for NYC Community Ballet at Battery Dance.

    Photo by Ballet Zaida

    Exciting announcement!!! I will be choreographing a new creation for CounterPointe in collaboration with Justine Hill! Performances April 26th, 27th, & 28th! Tickets here! More details coming in the April Newsletter...

    As always thank you for reading! There are a few more things on the horizon, and I look forward to sharing them with you next month. My piece for Ballet Hartford with music by David Heckendorn will be performed at the Ailey Citigroup Theater on April 14th. Please SAVE THE DATE! Lastly, I was invited to write on a beautiful blog by one of my yoga students and friends that I met in Austin many moons ago. Thank you Jeri for offering such gifts through your blog and for inviting me to write. Hope you enjoy the Blog Post!

  4. February 2019 Newsletter

    Welcome to my February newsletter. Come to The Mark O'Donnell Theater at The Actors Fund Arts Center in Brooklyn tonight February 8th and tomorrow February 9th at 7:30pm to catch two new works of mine. A huge thank you to Laura Henry Kuper of Impact Movement Collective for inviting me to share this program with her company. Buy your tickets here!

    One of my new pieces for this evening has a new score by Jude Icarus. This piece is called Notes on Missing, and it has been a pleasure to craft and create with Jude and the dancers. I am also so thrilled to share images by Alice Chacon Photography. Alice came into our rehearsal this Wednesday and captured the essence of the work in such a beautiful way. Follow me here and you will see even more of her images. It was really great to work with lighting designer Becky Nussbaum last night, and see everything come to life onstage. I am also showing a new solo, And Then it Came for Me, that I created on Bailey Anglin with music by Alessandro Rolla. I hope to see you there!

    Return's Siren Song was performed at my Movement of Intimacy Series as well as the NACHMO studio showings with a live performance by the composer Ryan Wolfe. I am excited to announce that it has been chosen to be performed at the NACHMO Theater Performances in Brooklyn, and will be shown Sunday February 24th at 3pm. Get your tickets here!

    Photo by Noel Valero

    I am excited to be back in the studio with these beauties! I am performing this Sunday with XAOC Contemporary Ballet at Algonquin Arts Center in Manasquan, NJ. Also stay tuned for a show April 7th at New York City Center Studios.

  5. January 2019 Newsletter

    Photo by Farid Zarrinabadi

    Welcome to my January newsletter. Before I plunge completely into to 2019 I want to share a very special film with you from 2018. I have been sitting on this film for some time waiting for the right time to share it, and now I can't wait any longer. This duet was created with music by Dana Falconberry and it was performed in numerous different spaces over the last 6 months. On one sunny and hot day September 3, 2018, Louisa Pancoast and I met up with Quinn Wharton at this little space in Brooklyn and we filmed it. Quinn is truly talented and a gem to work with. Check out "The Dream".

    Now back to January...starting 2019 off right with a residency at The University of Hartford, prepping for my Movement of Intimacy January 26th show which includes lots of fun guests, coaching and polishing my creation for Ballet Hartford, opportunities with NACHMO, and establishing some exciting ties with Impact Movement Collective.

    Get your tickets here for January 26th!
    Come see Bethany Kellner perform a solo I created with music by David Heckendorn this Friday January 11th at Arts On Site at 6:30pm in a show produced by Impact Movement Collective.
    Gearing up to show my work alongside Impact Movement Collective at The Mark O'Donnell Theater at the Actors Fund Arts Center in Brooklyn. Mark your calendars for February 8th and 9th at 7:30pm. Ticket link coming soon! (Photo by Joseph A. Hernandez)
    I am trilled to create a duet for Kar'mel A. W. Small & Quaba V. Ernest to music by Ryan Wolfe. Come see these guys perform at my Movement of Intimacy Show on January 26th with Ryan playing live! And if you miss that come see them at Mark Morris Dance Center on Saturday February 2nd at the NACHMO studio show at 6pm.

    Wishing you an awesome, healthy, and happy 2019! And if you haven't taken down your Christmas tree or you are still feeling the vibes of December check out this subway rendition of Santa Baby performed by yours truly.

    Photo by Farid Zarrinabadi

  6. December 2018 Newsletter

    "The Dream" photographed by Kyle Netzeband at Arts on Site

    Welcome to my December newsletter. This season has been filled with many adventures! I am grateful for all the people I have worked with and the interesting projects! I recently worked on a music video with Director Lenny Bass, and I can't wait to share it with you in 2019!

    On November 16th "20 Women" premiered, and I was over the moon about the process and performance. Check out my Instagram to see the incredible images captured by Ty Lyons Graynor Photography. I look forward to sharing and expanding this project in the future. Please consider joining me on January 26th for my third Movement of Intimacy Series Show. These evenings have been enjoyable to craft and promote, and this third one is sure to be a treat with many guest artists. Get your tickets and find out more about the show here!

    Photo by Justus Henry

    Another successful semester has ended at The Conservatory of Dance at Purchase College as well. I am in my third year as an adjunct professor, and I absolutely love teaching the students there. I am also very fortunate to teach and substitute around Manhattan for Ballet Arts, Ailey Extension, NYC Community Ballet, and Peridance. I have some upcoming classes and I hope you will join me:

    • Thursday December 27th Ballet 10am-11:30am at Ballet Arts
    • Thursday December 27th Beginning Ballet 6pm-7:30pm at Ailey
    • Wednesday January 2nd Yoga 12pm-1pm at Ballet Arts
    • Thursday January 3rd Ballet 12pm-1:30pm at Battery Dance for NYC Community Ballet

    In January I am pleased to go to the University of Hartford to work with the talented dancers of The Hartt School who are under the directorship of Stephen Pier. I will be choreographing for their spring concert with performances April 26th-28th. Also, while I am there, I will be able to put the finishing touches on the piece I created for Ballet Hartford back in August.

    Performing with Dana Falconberry as photographed by Amitava Sarkar from The Theorist Fest

    Here is a subway show of Ave Maria in collaboration with Ego. I dedicate this one to my Mom who loved this song and always loved watching me dance from the living room to the stage. Thank you for reading and I hope you have a happy and healthy holiday season. I look forward to sharing more news, shows, and classes with you in 2019. Cheers!

  7. November 2018 Newsletter

    Photo by Ballet Zaida

    Welcome to my seventh newsletter. I will be performing tonight and much much more!

    Come see me and Louisa Pancoast perform at Shape Shifter Lab tonight at 7pm in Brooklyn. The Dance Collective has selected my work, "The Dream", to be featured this evening amongst 7 other female choreographers. I am so honored to share this evening with them. Find tickets for tonight here!

    You do not want to miss this show! I will be performing with Spark Movement Collective in their production of "1984" based on the George Orwell novel. This has been a fascinating and exciting process, and I am looking forward to bringing the role of Julia to life on stage. I am so grateful for this incredible group of people, and I hope you will consider attending one of these evenings with us. The performances are November 8th, 9th, and 10th at The Secret Theatre in Long Island City. Purchase your tickets here! Can't come to the show, but would like to help?? Donate here!

    Join me on November 16th at 8pm at Factory ArtSpace as I present my second evening of the Movement of Intimacy Series. This evening will feature choreography by me and my long time friend Beth Terwilleger Hester. I will be restaging and presenting two duets, and premiering a piece called "20 Women". This piece will link 20 females in a series of solos where each woman will perform to her own pre-recorded voice. The words inform the tone of each piece, and each text takes the dancer to a personal space. The texts range from inspiring, vulnerable, empowering, blunt, introspective, conversational, sensual, and deeply intimate. I am excited to present Beth's work on the evening as well. Beth will be traveling from Seattle and presenting a solo creation, which is part of the evolution of a larger piece. Beth has recently launched The Gray Dance, and I am excited to support the growth of her company. We have curated work together in Austin, and it is an exciting thing to be nurturing this creative partnership again after many years.

    Doors will open at 7:30pm and show will start at 8pm. $15 at the door (Venmo, Cash, or Check). $10 with a valid student ID. $12 purchased from Brown Paper Tickets here.

    Factory ArtSpace is located at 16-30 Stephen St. Ridgewood, NY. It's a 2 minute walk from the Halsey Stop on the L line. The L train is running that Friday evening. The L train service changes at 10:45pm.

    Photo by Amitava Sarkar

    Louisa and I are also performing "The Dream" at Arts On Site on November 17th. I hope to see you there! This piece features music by Dana Falconberry and it has been an honor to work and collaborate with her.

    Come take ballet class with me too! I have been subbing at Ailey and Ballet Arts. I will be teaching ballet next Wednesday November 7th and next Friday November 9th at 10am at Ailey. I also teach with NYC Community Ballet and I will be teaching on November 21st (the day before Thanksgiving) at 11:30am at Battery Dance. Please check them out, because they bring in really awesome teachers and you can't beat a $5 ballet class!

  8. October 2018 Newsletter

    Photo by Quinn Wharton

    Welcome to my sixth newsletter. This October is filled with adventure, and this week is no exception. There are behind the scenes events, festivals, performances, and collaborations on the horizon. Happy October!

    Come to Gibney studios tomorrow Wednesday October 17th for a Behind the Scenes look at Spark Movement Collective's production of "1984". I will be dancing along side my Spark company members, and the choreographers and composer will be there to talk about process and give you an inside peek. Please RSVP for the Behind the Scenes event here. I am very excited to be dancing the role of Julia in this incredible story. If you haven't read 1984, I highly recommend it! Save the date for the Performances on November 8th, 9th, and 10th at the The Secret Theater. Purchase your tickets here! Photo by the talented founder and artistic director of Spark, Chelsea Koenig, who continues to inspire me with the way she leads and organizes.

    I am very excited to be traveling to Austin, TX this Thursday to perform in The Theorist Festival. Austin was my home for 14 years while I danced with Ballet Austin, so this is going to be a real treat to be back! Louisa Pancoast and I will be performing "The Dream", and for the first time we will be performing with Dana Falconberry. Her music is the driving force of this piece, and I can't wait to join together. Reserve your festival seat here. Also, please consider making a donation. Your donation keeps the festival free for all to see.

    Photo by Quinn Wharton

    I have deepened my collaboration with Dana Falconberry, and I am so thrilled to bring the expanded version of "The Dream" to Brooklyn at The Shape Shifter Lab on November 2nd. I am so grateful that The Dance Collective has brought me onto this evening bill alongside 7 talented female choreographers. Please get your tickets!

    My show on September 29th at Factory ArtSpace was an enormous success. The dancers, the musicians, and the audience were all fantastic. Thank you to everyone who helped make that evening happen. We were lucky enough to have wine donated to us by No Limit Wines too! I have a whole new evening in store for you, and I hope you will save the date for Friday November 16th 8pm. There will be an amazing evening of dance for you, including a new piece I am cooking up this month. The piece is called "20 Women", and guess what?? There are 20 women in the piece! Each woman will dance to her own voice in a series of solos. We just completed recording the 20th woman this past Saturday with Kevin of Blackler Mastering. Ticket link coming out soon!

    Photo by Farid Zarrinabadi

    Thank you for reading. I hope to see you at a show, in a class, or some where in between. I will leave you with a fun collaboration I have with a talented musician named Ego. We have been performing together in and around subways when we can. It is super enjoyable and helps quench my thirst for performing. I hope you enjoy The Theme from the Godfather.

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