1. Notes on Missing

    This piece is an exploration and examination of the sensations we have around missing someone or a time in life. The choreography creates sculptures and moments of closeness, and then subtracts or deletes parts to demonstrate physical and mental separation. The pieces explores nostalgia, longing, memories, sensitivity, and desire. Michelle Thompson Ulerich worked with composer/musician, Jude Icarus, and commissioned him to make a new score. Premiered in Brooklyn February 2019.

  2. Return's Siren Song

    "Return's Siren Song" is male duet choreographed by Michelle Thompson Ulerich. Michelle worked with musician, Ryan Wolfe, and created an intimate and connected duet. "Return's Siren Song" has been performed with live accompaniment by Ryan Wolfe at Factory ArtSpace (Queens), Mark Morris Dance Center for NACHMO (Brooklyn), and The Actors Fund Arts Center for NACHMO (Brooklyn).

  3. An Executor of Will

    This solo was created to music by Damien Simon. The music piece is called "Independence", and the solo deals with the remnants and lingering sensations after some one dies. This woman is entering different parts of a home, sitting in a chair, and reviewing what has been left behind. This solo premiered in September 2018 with live accompaniment by Damien Simon, and was also performed January 2019.

    • Choreography by Michelle Thompson Ulerich
    • Music by Damien Simon
    • Danced by Kathleen Bollana
    • Video by Carley Santori

  4. Dual Space

    Dual Space is a female duet created in collaboration with composer Damien Simon. Michelle Thompson Ulerich worked with his guitar piece "Endura". The two females are in conversation with one another and/or possibly their own duality. This duet was created for the Movement of Intimacy Series at Factory ArtSpace in Queens and was performed with live guitar by Damien Simon.

  5. The Dream

    "The Dream" is a collaboration between singer/songwriter Dana Falconberry and Michelle Thompson Ulerich. In 2018 the piece appeared at Dixon Place (NYC), Factory ArtSpace (Queens), ShapeShifter Lab (Brooklyn), Theorist Fest (Austin, TX), and Arts On Site (NYC). Michelle partnered up with Quinn Wharton to create a film of the duet in Brooklyn. The music is from Dana's album "The Lowering Night", and the duet focuses on the ideas of dreams. One dancer is approaching and leading the other dancer into a dream state. She is taking her and allowing her to explore things she can't experience in reality. The "sleeping" dancer is grateful and indulges in the experiences. The duet is liquid and sensual, and experiments with the idea of conjuring up mirages and images for the dancers to witness and touch.

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