Photo by Ballet Zaida taken in Downtown LA January 2018

Welcome to my second newsletter and happy June!

I am excited to announce that I will be performing with Louisa Pancoast in my newest work on Friday June 29th at 7:30pm at Dixon Place in New York City. I have partnered with the immensely talented musician Dana Falconberry for this upcoming duet. We will perform alongside many talented artists for TRANSLATE (voices of dance), which is curated by the J Chen Project. Early bird pricing lasts until June 16th, but tickets can be purchased after that date online and at the door.

Also on tap are some awesome ballet classes organized by NYC Community Ballet. I will be teaching Thursday June 14th at 11:30am with an excellent musical surprise, and also on July 12th. Classes are $5 cash and take place at Battery Dance. You can stay up to date on their classes on Facebook or Instagram.

My final and huge announcement is the photography collaboration with my uncle Sam Aslanian is going to get a premiere in Hollywood, CA. This project involved 15 collaborators, a warehouse in Brooklyn, a bar in Queens, a makeup artist, costumes, two intimate dance concepts, many cameras, numerous rolls of film including a myriad array of long outdated 35mm film, and many phone conferences between my uncle and me. This project was a labor of love for both of us. The photographs are not traditional dance poses or forms. Sam and I were working towards something more raw, abstracted, and filled with emotion. I cried when I saw what he had captured, because he showed me another layer of the movement. Sam and his lens became another member of the dance, and I find his images to be captivating, sensual, and human. I am so excited to stand by my uncle's side on June 30th and be surrounded by the beauty we have created together. Hope to see you there!