1. April 2019 Newsletter

    Courtesy of Anne Marie Bloodgood

    Happy April newsletter! There are lots of fun and exciting events this month including CounterPointe, XAOC Contemporary Ballet, Ballet Hartford, NACHMO Gala, and The Hart School. I am performing, teaching, and showing my choreography in Manhattan, Brooklyn, and Connecticut. I am teaching open ballet class at Ballet Arts tomorrow Saturday April 6th and Saturday April 13th at 11:30am. I am also teaching for NYC Community Ballet on Tuesday April 9th at 10:30am at Battery Dance. I hope to see you in class soon!

    Photo by Noel Valero (http://noelvalero.zenfolio.com/)

    I am excited to perform with XAOC Contemporary Ballet this Sunday April 7th at the City Center Studios. Buy your tickets for Choreography Up Close Volume II before they sell out! I will be performing in Six Memos, one of the seven works on the program by Eryn Renee Young. This piece continues to reveal more an more to me, and I am looking forward to sharing my discoveries with you on Sunday.

    Photo by Jackson Krule

    I am thrilled to announce that my choreography, Return's Siren Song, won the audience vote at the NACHMO Theater Performances and has been selected to be presented again! Get your tickets for the NACHMO Gala on April 13th at 8pm at The Tank. I am thrilled to have Ryan Wolfe performing his music with us again!

    Get your tickets for CounterPointe on April 26th-28th curated by Norte Maar! CounterPointe pairs a female choreographer who makes work on pointe with a female visual artist to generate a performance piece. It has been a pleasure to collaborate with visual artist Justine Hill. I am also happy to announce that Colin Rose has created the musical score for this piece. These performances will take place in Brooklyn at The Actors Fund Arts Center.

    Photos by Michelle Thompson Ulerich

    Ballet Hartford is coming to New York Sunday April 14th to perform choreography by Silas Farley, Stephen Pier, Elizabeth McMillan, and myself. Get your tickets to see my them perform my choreography, Inner Chamber, at the Ailey Citigroup Theater. I was so grateful to collaborate with David Heckendorn on the music for this piece, and I am trilled to share this evening with him and the company!

    I am delighted to go back to Hartford to see my incredible cast of Migration in the final stages of lighting, coaching, costumes, and finishing touches. This choreographic residency was a rich and an emotional process with many discoveries and articulations of what it means for humans to migrate. I have been impressed and inspired by the dancers' desires to go deeper. Get your tickets for Hartt Dances Spring 2019 April 26th-28th.

    I enjoyed my time in Nashville at the beginning of April where I had the pleasure to teach ballet, pointe, and contemporary to the students of Nashville Classical Ballet Academy. A huge congratulations to Aaron Orza and Kristin Lindsay for creating this school and for providing such great training for these students. I grew up dancing with Aaron at The San Francisco Ballet School, and it's exciting to see the wisdom given to us by our teachers reach these students in such a profound way.

  2. March 2019 Newsletter

    Photo by Rhys Ulerich

    Happy March newsletter! I am thrilled to be performing with Spark Movement Collective tomorrow March 2nd at The Town School. Get your tickets for this New York Spin on Alice in Wonderland here! Also, the production was mentioned in the New York Times as one of the top things to do in New York with your kids this weekend! Read about it here! Spark will be celebrating 10 years soon and I am so grateful for my time with them since 2017. For more info about Spark Movement Collective, upcoming shows, and ways to support go here!

    Photos by Noel Valero
    Photo by Michelle Thompson Ulerich

    I am excited to be performing with XAOC Contemporary Ballet on April 7th at the City Center Studios. Get your tickets here!

    Photo by Sam Aslanian

    My normal teaching schedule is at Purchase College, but I sometimes sub around NYC! Join me on March 20th, 22nd, 27th, and 29th at 10am at Ballet Arts for Ballet Class. Also join me March 26th at Noon for NYC Community Ballet at Battery Dance.

    Photo by Ballet Zaida

    Exciting announcement!!! I will be choreographing a new creation for CounterPointe in collaboration with Justine Hill! Performances April 26th, 27th, & 28th! Tickets here! More details coming in the April Newsletter...

    As always thank you for reading! There are a few more things on the horizon, and I look forward to sharing them with you next month. My piece for Ballet Hartford with music by David Heckendorn will be performed at the Ailey Citigroup Theater on April 14th. Please SAVE THE DATE! Lastly, I was invited to write on a beautiful blog by one of my yoga students and friends that I met in Austin many moons ago. Thank you Jeri for offering such gifts through your blog and for inviting me to write. Hope you enjoy the Blog Post!

  3. Notes on Missing

    This piece is an exploration and examination of the sensations we have around missing someone or a time in life. The choreography creates sculptures and moments of closeness, and then subtracts or deletes parts to demonstrate physical and mental separation. The pieces explores nostalgia, longing, memories, sensitivity, and desire. Michelle Thompson Ulerich worked with composer/musician, Jude Icarus, and commissioned him to make a new score. Premiered in Brooklyn February 2019.

  4. Return's Siren Song

    "Return's Siren Song" is male duet choreographed by Michelle Thompson Ulerich. Michelle worked with musician, Ryan Wolfe, and created an intimate and connected duet. "Return's Siren Song" has been performed with live accompaniment by Ryan Wolfe at Factory ArtSpace (Queens), Mark Morris Dance Center for NACHMO (Brooklyn), and The Actors Fund Arts Center for NACHMO (Brooklyn).

  5. February 2019 Newsletter

    Welcome to my February newsletter. Come to The Mark O'Donnell Theater at The Actors Fund Arts Center in Brooklyn tonight February 8th and tomorrow February 9th at 7:30pm to catch two new works of mine. A huge thank you to Laura Henry Kuper of Impact Movement Collective for inviting me to share this program with her company. Buy your tickets here!

    One of my new pieces for this evening has a new score by Jude Icarus. This piece is called Notes on Missing, and it has been a pleasure to craft and create with Jude and the dancers. I am also so thrilled to share images by Alice Chacon Photography. Alice came into our rehearsal this Wednesday and captured the essence of the work in such a beautiful way. Follow me here and you will see even more of her images. It was really great to work with lighting designer Becky Nussbaum last night, and see everything come to life onstage. I am also showing a new solo, And Then it Came for Me, that I created on Bailey Anglin with music by Alessandro Rolla. I hope to see you there!

    Return's Siren Song was performed at my Movement of Intimacy Series as well as the NACHMO studio showings with a live performance by the composer Ryan Wolfe. I am excited to announce that it has been chosen to be performed at the NACHMO Theater Performances in Brooklyn, and will be shown Sunday February 24th at 3pm. Get your tickets here!

    Photo by Noel Valero

    I am excited to be back in the studio with these beauties! I am performing this Sunday with XAOC Contemporary Ballet at Algonquin Arts Center in Manasquan, NJ. Also stay tuned for a show April 7th at New York City Center Studios.

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