Welcome to my February newsletter. Come to The Mark O'Donnell Theater at The Actors Fund Arts Center in Brooklyn tonight February 8th and tomorrow February 9th at 7:30pm to catch two new works of mine. A huge thank you to Laura Henry Kuper of Impact Movement Collective for inviting me to share this program with her company. Buy your tickets here!

One of my new pieces for this evening has a new score by Jude Icarus. This piece is called Notes on Missing, and it has been a pleasure to craft and create with Jude and the dancers. I am also so thrilled to share images by Alice Chacon Photography. Alice came into our rehearsal this Wednesday and captured the essence of the work in such a beautiful way. Follow me here and you will see even more of her images. It was really great to work with lighting designer Becky Nussbaum last night, and see everything come to life onstage. I am also showing a new solo, And Then it Came for Me, that I created on Bailey Anglin with music by Alessandro Rolla. I hope to see you there!

Return's Siren Song was performed at my Movement of Intimacy Series as well as the NACHMO studio showings with a live performance by the composer Ryan Wolfe. I am excited to announce that it has been chosen to be performed at the NACHMO Theater Performances in Brooklyn, and will be shown Sunday February 24th at 3pm. Get your tickets here!

Photo by Noel Valero

I am excited to be back in the studio with these beauties! I am performing this Sunday with XAOC Contemporary Ballet at Algonquin Arts Center in Manasquan, NJ. Also stay tuned for a show April 7th at New York City Center Studios.